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French Cuisine

France is a nation of food lovers and French cuisine is known worldwide as the 21st century ‘haute cuisine,’ which is as popular as the poetry of French arts. When speaking about French Cuisine, we should pay attention to the following four approaches concerning French food: Classical French cuisine with many dishes using cream-based sauces; Haute cuisine, using only the finest ingredients and with a strong emphasis on presentation;Nouvelle cuisine, featuring simpler and lighter food, mainly prepared by seasonal ingredients; and Cuisine du terroir, focusing on regional specialties. Moreover, French cuisine also includes a wide range of regional cuisines greatly influenced by the French geography. 

Different Areas of French Cuisine

Haute cuisine was characterized by French Cuisine in elaborate preparations and presentations served in small and numerous courses that were produced by large and hierarchical staffs at the grand restaurants and hotels of Europe.

haute jet finity paella


House Salad

Nouvelle Cuisine is characterized by lighter, more delicate dishes and an increased emphasis on presentation

French Onion Soup

Scallop tangerine gastrique

Basil salmon (Terrine)

Cuisine du Terroir

filet mignon aux champignons gratiné au bresse bleu

French Desert

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